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Damn Good (Roth, David Lee)

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Damn Good (Roth, David Lee)

Lyrics for Damn Good (Roth, David Lee)

Time rolls on An' that's as it should be Here and gone Seems to move so quickly Man, we was happy In our restless hearts It was heaven Right here on earth Yeah, we were laughin' As we reached for the stars And we had some For what it was worth Those were good times Damn good times Those were good times Damn good times Hey, take a look at this picture, Can you beliee that was you? And who's that standin' there in the corner? Not me!!! Ahh, the crazy things we used to do Sure, we was acting like a couple of kids Good to remember You know that it is I still feel it Like the sun on my skin Maybe that's better Cause these are good times Damn good tiemes Talkin' about good times Damn good times So it's one for the money But that don't make the show Count to three and I'll be ready To follow that road (yes I will) I see it comin' Yeah, and this one is outs We got heaven right here on Earth Ain't nothin' like it When you're reachin' for stars And you grab one For what it is worth You can tell 'em We'll be having good times Damn good times I'm talkin' good times (yessir) Damn good times

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Here are some other details for Damn Good - 12 String Gtr Down 1/2 Drop 6th

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