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Awake (Bass) (Godsmack)

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Awake (Bass) (Godsmack)

Lyrics for Awake (Bass) (Godsmack)

Wait another minute. Can't you see what this pain has fucking done to me. I'm alive and still kickin'. What you see I can't see and maybe you'll think before you speak. I'm alive for you. I'm awake because of you. I'm alive I told you. I'm awake swallowing you Take another second. Turn your back on me and make believe that you're always happy. It's safe to say you're never alive. A big part of you has died and by the way, I hope you're satisfied. [Chorus] Tearing it back unveiling me. Taking a step back so I can breathe. Hear the silence about to break. Fear resistance when I'm awake.

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Here are some other details for Awake (Bass) - Bass Down Whole Drop 4th

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