"How To Take Your Jazz Chops To The Next Level "

Blake Milton

From Blake Milton

There is no better way to learn the "jazz language" than by seeing and hearing the music created by famous jazz artists.

The EASIEST WAY to do that is by running through jazz charts and listening to the recordings.

The Real Book has been an essential part of every aspiring jazz player's arsenal since the spiral bound soft cover book came out in the 70's - It's right up there in importance with your instrument and your albums.

Sure, there have been other jazz fake books - but none match the importance of the original Real Book (Volume 1 Fifth edition).

"Face it,
if you don't own The Real Book, then you really aren't serious about jazz improvisation."

What? You already have the paperback Real Book?
Then it's time for you to enter the 21st century!

Forget about paper - it's time to get digital.
(After all, it's pretty likely that your old paper copy is pretty beat up by now if you have used it at all)!

"Real Book Software"

"The 'Real Book Software' is a full blown, self contained jazz studies course. "

In jazz improvisation, you are required to know how to play through hundreds of jazz standards, jazz blues, latin jazz charts etc.

My Real Book Software will not only provide you with thousands of essential jazz chord charts and melodies but will also familiarize you with how these charts should sound.

This is critical in helping you understand the language of jazz and building a superb jazz vocabuary. Hearing the tunes is essential.

"The Real Book is ReBorn As Software - But That's Only Part Of The Story..."

Electronic Real Book

Yes! There are 2000 + charts. This includes all transpositions of each tune -




(I'm talking a FULL DVD worth of material here. This is the basis of the 'coursework')

Yes!No matter what your instrument is, your chart is here.

· C instruments (Piano, Guitar, Flute, Violin)
· Bass Clef (Electric Bass / Upright Bass, Trombone)
· Eb (Alto Saxophone/ Baritone Saxophone)
· Bb (Tenor Saxophone / Soprano Saxophone, Trumpet, Clarinet)

Yes!All of this material has been compiled into an amazing, highly organized software engine that will allow you to locate any song in an instant or sort by a variety of detailed criteria,
..........like key, tempo, artist, style

This is not some useless CD of PDFs where you still have to manually thumb through them.

With PDFs you've got a bunch of charts, but you have to find the disk, load it, launch Acrobat, and go through lots of images hoping to find the exact chart you needed.

In some ways, with PDFs you are even worse off than if you only owned the paper Real Book!

..this is real, honest to God software designed to make the Real Book come to life..

The software is pretty amazing -

For instance

.....you can see all of the Blues charts you have - or

.....maybe you want to find all of the songs you have by Miles Davis, or Monk, or Coltrane - or

.....view all of the charts sorted by Style (Swing, Bossa, Ballads, etc.)

Getting the idea?

Imagine what you'll be able to do when you can...

Yes! Locate any chart in an instant - no thumbing through the book. No More Hunting for the proper charts!
(Alphabetize by Artist or Songs A-Z, Z-A or just perform a quick search for the song you are looking for).

Yes! Find or sort by Key - (Medley anyone? Or just a workout in a particular key)

Yes! Find all songs by a given artist
(Today I'm in a Bill Evans frame of mind....., or maybe Mingus...)

Yes! Locate all songs in a particular style
( Let's see, what Bossa Novas do I want to play on the gig tonight....)

Yes! Add hundreds of tunes to your repertoire!
( Read down the charts while listening to the recording)

Yes! Hear Full Length Original Recordings By Famous Jazz Artists!


Whether you are:

preparing for a gig,

jamming with other players or just

woodshedding to get your chops up.....

You'll find the benefits of this program are a huge help in your journey to becoming an outstanding jazz player.

Musicians have the reputation of being flakes.....
What if you could use the software to make your sessions run more smoothly and efficiently by having everything ultra organized? Recordings, Charts - everything -

No more flaking out by arriving un-prepared

Yes! Tag the songs you need and view only those charts, hiding the un-needed ones from sight
( I only want to see the charts we'll be jamming on today...)

Yes! Print out charts for every member of the group.
(Hmmm, Gloria's Step.....I'll print Charts for Trumpet, Tenor, Bass and Guitar)

Yes! See the same song in different keys and transpositions.
(OK, I've always played 'Round Midnight in E flat minor- what if I played it in F minor...)

Yes! Take the laptop to the gig and have instant access to your charts.
(The software let's me zoom in or out on the screen - this is too cool)

Yes! The software is expandable to include other Volumes and Fake books as those 'modules' become available.

"You Are Also Getting The Recordings!"

You heard me right! These charts are bundled with the matching recordings. This is a huge bonus that will make the Real Book spring to life in ways that you never dreamed possible. This bonus material is being made available to you for educational purposes only.


"Your Questions Answered!"

Q. "What are the System Requirements?"

A. The software runs on Windows XP machines.
Sorry Mac Guys - there is no 'Native' Mac version of the program - I guess there are virtual PC shells - but you would know better than me if that would be an option for you !

Q. "I'm Not In the U.S. - Can I still Order It?"

A. Yes - We Ship worldwide. Right now overseas mail is running about 10-14 days for delivery and is covered in the same price you would pay if you were in the U.S.

Q. "What About VAT Tax etc?"

A. The customs form will show a zero value so it should clear customs without you having to pay additional fees.

Q. "Okay - I am ready to get the Real Book Software right now, and start improving my playing.....what do I do?"

A. Read On......

"Statements From Other Real Book Software Owners Just Like You"

"I wanted this program badly because I've always loved my Real Book, and this is the coolest application of it imaginable. I also like the additional scores of many of the songs in additional keys as well as transcribed for transposing instruments.

This is definitely superior to just the hardcopy Real Book Fifth Edition."

Kenneth Roll

"It's a tremendous help, having it set up the way you have."

JR Tatarelli

"I would buy this item just for the reason that the old “Real Book” is not available and quite treasured by many Jazz musicians, but hardly found."

Doc Riviera

"All I can say man, is..wow..

The music resource is out of this world. I got to start learning these tunes."

Heywood Thompson

This is completely amazing! I don't know how to thank you...this is like winning the lottery! This thing could totally derail my summer plans. I haven't even looked at the midi / bbox files yet - I just can't get over having the charts with definitive recordings at my fingertips. I wish there were something I could do for you...
Steve Innis

I have all the books and I play Trumpet and Sax
When I stumbled over your website I too thought it was too good to be true but
I knew I had to take the chance knowing how this program could help me.
I'm totally blown away...
Your a very honest and sincere guy!

Jay Morton

"Are You Getting The Picture?"

All of the hard work has already been done for you - Saving you so much time,effort, and money. Really, we are talking thousands of hours here, plus the expenses....man, oh man

What do YOU think ALL of that is worth?



If you kept guessing higher you would still be right, but...

How about the bargain basement, starving artist rate of $99.00 - That sounds better doesn't it?


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So you have no reason pass up this low-ball offer.

Even the most skeptical Doubting Thomas has no reason to jump at this.

I want to get this into your hands as quickly as possible so you can start seeing immediate results in your playing.

Even though I know you agree that it is worth much more - I'm going to let you have it for only $49.95 (plus $4.95 to ship it to wherever you are in the world).

I'll say it again , I'm not real sure why I'm selling it this cheap -

I'm actually giving strong thought to raising the price back to the original $97 dollar price tag, so I would urge you to take advantage of this absolutely absurd offer.

You snooze, you lose. Don't email me after the fact asking for this deal after it has been withdrawn.

"Remember, You Are Also Getting the Recordings FREE, as a study aid!"

Why are you getting the recordings? Because I want the Real Book Software to be the Best Jazz Education Tool you'll ever purchase.

You need to know something (and I probably shouldn't be telling you this).

The truth of the matter is that you are getting so much material as part of The Real Book Software 'Course' (and I mean my blood, sweat, tears and months of my life have been literally POURED into the product) that I almost didn't include any additional 'Bonus Gifts' for you but then I thought........

Now, Picture some television announcer voice here...

"But wait there's more"

I've decided to sweeten the deal and give you some Free Gifts when you go ahead and secure your "Real Book Software" today;

"Free Band In A Box Files - Real Book, Jazz Standards and More " Value: $297 - Yours FREE!

For you to do with as you please - warp them, steal progressions from them, change styles, rip drum grooves - it's really only limited by your creativity. .

"Real Book for Band In A Box"
Band In A Box Files will really help you absorb new tunes and create new arrangements


"Tons Of Jazz MIDI files - Real Book, Jazz Standards and More " Value: $297 - Yours FREE!

In case the Band In A Box Files Weren't Enough !

(or you don't own this outstanding product by PGMusic) ;

Load these into your sequencer or MIDI player of your choice and start playing along. You can even play these on your default Audio player on your computer.

"Jazz MIDI Files"
MIDI Files are flexible and universal. Trade them with other players, with ease!

Here's what M. Stott says about that -

"I've just been opening up the songs in Band in a Box. These alone are worth the price I paid for the whole program."

M. Stott


So after all is said and done,

There is really only one way to respond -

Order Now!

YES Blake!

I want to get my own copy of "The Real Book Software" so send me The Full DVD's worth of material!


(I'd be insane not to jump at this offer).

Yes! Yes! I understand that I get all 2000+ charts, the recordings, and Both Free Gifts!

Yes! Yes! I understand that this is a very limited offer and the price could go up at any time!!

Yes! Yes! I want to get it now while the price is only $49.95 plus 4.95 Shipping!

We Ship Worldwide!

Yes! I understand that All orders are processed the same day they are placed and mailed First Class in the U.S. or Airmail outside the U.S.

Yes! I'd also like to be notified when future Volumes or other Fakebook modules are released so that I can import them into "The Real Book Software".


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Thanks and Enjoy!

Blake Milton



Have A Look At All Of These Jazz Charts, Sheet Music, and Chords for Jazz Piano, Jazz guitar, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, Soprano Sax, Flute, Vibes, Clarinet, etc.

Keep in mind - it's all of these charts, TIMES 4, since all of the transpositions are included.


Jazz Charts, Jazz Sheet Music, Jazz Lead Sheets in a variety of styles - Jazz Standards, Jazz Blues, Latin Jazz, Modern Jazz, Bebop, Free Jazz, ECM, etc.

  • (Song, Artist)
    502 Blues, Shorter, Wayne
    African Flower, Ellington, Duke
    Afro Blue, Santamaria, Mongo
    Afternoon In Paris, Lewis, John
    Airegin, Rollins, Sonny
    Alfie, Bacharach, Burt / David, Hal
    Alice In Wonderland, Fain, Sammy / Hilliard, B.
    All Blues, Davis, Miles
    All In Love Is Fair, Wonder, Stevie
    All My Tomorrows, Cahn, Sammy / Van Heusen, Jimmy
    All Of Me, Simons, S. / Marks, G.
    All Of You, Porter, Cole
    All The Things You Are, Hammerstein, Oscar II / Kern, Jerome
    Alone Together, Dietz, Harvey / Schwartz, Arthur
    Ana Maria, Shorter, Wayne
    And Now The Queen, Bley, Carla
    And On The Third Day, Gibbs, Michael
    Angel Eyes, Dennis, Matt / Brent, Earl
    Anthropology, Parker, Charlie / Gillespie, Dizzy
    April In Paris, Duke, Vernon / Harburg, E.Y.
    April Joy, Metheny, Pat
    Arise Her Eyes, Swallow, Steve
    Armageddon, Shorter, Wayne
    Around Again, Bley, Carla
    As Time Goes By, Hupfeld, Herman
    Au Privave, Parker, Charlie
    Autumn In New York, Duke, Vernon
    Autumn Leaves, Mercer, Johnny / Prevert, Jacques A. / Kosma, Joseph
    Ay Arriba!, Balcomb, Stu
    Ballet, Gibbs, Michael
    Batterie, Bley, Carla
    Beautiful Love, Gillispie, / King, / Alstyne, / Young,
    Beauty And The Beast, Shorter, Wayne
    Beneath It All, Anderson, Gary
    Bessie's Blues, Coltrane, John
    Bewitched, Rodgers, Richard / Hart, Lorenz
    Big Nick, Coltrane, John
    Billie's Bounce, Parker, Charlie
    Bitter Suite In The Ozone, Moses, Bob
    Black Diamond, Kirk, Roland
    Black Monday, Hill, Andrew
    Black Narcissus, Henderson, Joe
    Black Nile, Shorter, Wayne
    Black Orpheus, Bonfa, Luis
    Blessed Relief, Zappa, Frank
    Blue Bossa, Dorham, Kenny
    Blue Comedy, Gibbs, Michael
    Blue In Green, Davis, Miles
    Blue Monk, Monk, Thelonius
    Blue Moon, Rogers, Richard /Hart, Lorenz
    Blue Room, Rodgers, Richard / Hart, Lorenz
    Blue Train, Coltrane, John
    Blues For Alice, Parker, Charlie
    Blues In The Closet, Pettiford, Oscar
    Bluesette, Thielmans, Jean
    Body And Soul, Green, Johnny / Sour, Robert / Heyman, Edward / Eyton, Frank
    Boplicity, Henry, Cleo
    Boston Marathon, Burton, Gary
    Brainville, Sun Ra
    Bright Size Life, Metheny, Pat
    Broadway Blues, Coleman, Ornette
    Brownout, Burton, Gary
    But Beautiful, Van Heusen, Jimmy / Burke, Johnny
    Butterfly, Hancock, Herbie
    Call For All Demons, Sun Ra
    Cantaloupe Island, Hancock, Herbie
    Canyon Song, Towner, Ralph
    Captain Marvel, Corea, Chick
    Central Park West, Coltrane, John
    Ceora, Morgan, Lee
    Chega De Saudade, Jobim, Antonio Carlos / DeMoraes, Vinicius
    Chelsea Bells, Swallow, Steve
    Chelsea Bridge, Strayhorn, Billy
    Cherokee, Noble, Ray
    Chicken Feathers, Kuhn, Steve
    Child Is Born, A, Jones, Thad
    Children's Song, Corea, Chick
    Chippie, Coleman, Ornette
    Colors Of Chloe, Webererhard
    Come Sunday, Ellington, Duke
    Como En Vietnam, Swallow, Steve
    Con Alma, Gillespie, Dizzy
    Conception, Shearing, George
    Conference Of The Birds, Holland, Dave
    Confirmation, Parker, Charlie
    Contemplation, Tyner, McCoy
    Coral, Jarrett, Keith
    Corcovado, Jobim, Antonio Carlos / Lees, Gene
    Cottontail, Ellington, Duke
    Could It Be You, Porter, Cole
    Countdown, Coltrane, John
    Country Roads, Burton, Gary / Swallow, Steve
    Crescent, Coltrane, John
    Crystal Silence, Corea, Chick
    Daahoud, Brown, Clifford
    Dancing On The Ceiling, Rodgers, Richard / Hart, Lorenz
    Darn That Dream, Van Heusen, Jimmy / DeLange, Edgar
    Day Waves, Corea, Chick
    Days And Nights Waiting, Jarrett, Keith
    Days Of Wine And Roses, Mancini, Henry / Mercer, Johnny
    De Pois De Amor O Vazio, Shorter, Wayne
    Dear Old Stockholm, Varmeland
    Dearly Beloved, Kern, Jerome / Mercer, Johnny
    Delores, Shorter, Wayne
    Deluge, Shorter, Wayne
    Desafinado, Jobim, Antonio Carlos / Mendonça, Newton
    Desert Air, Corea, Chick
    Dexterity, Parker, Charlie
    Disguise, Coleman, Ornette
    Django, Lewis, John
    Doin' The Pig, Swallow, Steve
    Dolphin Dance, Hancock, Herbie
    Dolphin, The, Eça, Luíz
    Domino Biscuit, Swallow, Steve
    Donna Lee, Parker, Charlie
    Don't Blame Me, Fields, Dorothy / McHugh, Jimmy
    Don't Get Around Much Anymore, Ellington, Duke / Russell, Bob / Sidney Keith
    Duke, The, Brubeck, Dave
    E.S.P., Davis, Miles
    Easy Living, Robin, Leo / Rainger, Ralph
    Easy To Love, Porter, Cole
    Ecclusiastics, Mingus, Charles
    Eiderdown, Swallow, Steve
    Eighty One, Davis, Miles / Carter, Ron
    El Gaucho, Shorter, Wayne
    Elizete, Fischer, Clare
    Empathy, Niles, Richard
    Epistrophy, Monk, Thelonius / Clarke, Kenny
    Equinox, Coltrane, John
    Equipoise, Cowell, Stanley
    ESP, Davis, Miles
    Exercise #3 (Missouri Uncompromised), Metheny, Pat
    Exercise #6 (Unity Village), Metheny, Pat
    Fables Of Faubus, Mingus, Charles
    Fall, Shorter, Wayne
    Falling Grace, Swallow, Steve
    Falling In Love With Love, Rodgers, Richard / Hart, Lorenz
    Family Joy, A, Gibbs, Michael
    Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, Shorter, Wayne
    Feelings And Things, Gibbs, Michael
    Fields We Know, The, Jarrett, Keith
    Fine Romance, A, Kern, Jerome / Fields, Dorothy
    Five Hundred Miles High, Corea, Chick / Potter, Neville
    Flags, Bley, Carla
    Foggy Day, A, Gershwin, George / Gershwin, Ira
    Follow Your Heart, McLaughlin, John
    Footprints, Shorter, Wayne
    For Heavens Sake, Meyer/ Bretton / Edward
    Forest Flower, Lloyd, Charles
    Fortune Smiles, Jarrett, Keith,
    Four On Six, Montgomery, Wes
    Four Winds, Holland, Dave
    Four, Davis, Miles
    Freddie The Freeloader, Davis, Miles
    Freedom Jazz Dance, Harris, Eddie
    Gary's Waltz, McFarland, Gary
    Gemini, Heath, Jimmy
    General Mojo's Well Laid Plan, Swallow, Steve
    Gentle Rain, Bonfa, Luiz / Dubey, M.
    Giant Steps, Coltrane, John
    Girl From Ipanema, The, Jobim, Antonio Carlos
    Gloria's Step, LaFaro, Scott
    God Bless The Child, Holiday, Billie / Herzog, A. Jr
    Golden Lady, Wonder, Stevie
    Good Evening Mr. And Mrs.America, Guerin, John
    Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Mingus, Charles
    Grand Central, Coltrane, John
    Green Dolphin Street, Kaper, Bronislau / Washington, Ned
    Green Mountains, Swallow, Steve
    Groovin' High, Gillespie, Dizzy
    Grow Your Own, Jarrett, Keith
    Half Nelson, Davis, Miles
    Hassan's Dream, Golson, Benny
    Have You Met Miss Jones, Rodgers, Richard / Hart, Lorenz
    Heaven, Ellington, Duke
    Hello Young Lovers, Rodgers, Richard / Hammerstein, Oscar
    Henninger Flats, Pritchard, David
    Here's That Rainy Day, Van Heusen, Jimmy / Burke, Johnny
    Herzog, Hutcherson, Bobby
    Hey There, Adler, / Ross
    Hold Out Your Hand, Kuhn, Steve
    Honeysuckle Rose, Waller, Fats
    Hotel Hello, Swallow, Steve
    Hotel Overture, Swallow, Steve
    Hotel Vamp, Swallow, Steve
    House Of Jade, Shorter, Wayne
    How High The Moon, Lewis, William Morgan / Hamilton, Nancy
    How Insensitive, Jobim, Antonio Carlos / DeMoraes, Vinicius / Gimbel, Norman
    How My Heart Sings, Zindars, Earl O.
    Hullo Bolinas, Swallow, Steve
    I Can't Get Started, Gershwin, Ira / Duke, Vernon
    I Could Write A Book, Rodgers, Richard / Hart, Lorenz
    I Got It Bad, Ellington, Duke
    I Got Rhythm, Gershwin, George
    I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart, Ellington, Duke / Mills, Irving / Redmond, John / Nemo, Harry
    I Love You, Porter, Cole / Archer, / Thompson, / Rebner. / Welch,
    I Mean You, Monk, Thelonius / Hawkins, Coleman
    I Remember Clifford, Golson, Benny
    I Should Care, Stordahl, / Weston , / Cahn, Sammy
    Icarus, Towner, Ralph
    Ictus, Bley, Carla
    Ida Lupino, Bley, Carla
    If You Never Come To Me, Jobim, Antonio Carlos / DeOliveira, Aloysio / Gilbert, Ray
    I'll Remember April, Raye, Don / DePaul, Gene / Johnson, Patricia
    I'm Afraid, Ellington, Duke
    I'm All Smiles, Leonard / Martin
    I'm Your Pal, Swallow, Steve
    Impressions, Coltrane, John
    In A Mellow Tone, Ellington, Duke
    In A Sentimental Mood, Ellington, Duke / Mills, Irving / Kurtz, Manny
    In Your Own Sweet Way, Brubeck, Dave
    In Your Quiet Place, Jarrett, Keith
    Inchworm, Loesser, Frank
    Indian Lady, Ellis, Don
    Inner Urge, Henderson, Joe
    Inside In, Gibbs, Michael
    Interplay, Evans, Bill
    Intrepid Fox, Hubbard, Freddie
    Invitation, Kaper, Bronislau / Webster, Paul Francis
    Iris, Shorter, Wayne
    Isn't It Romantic, Rodgers, Richard / Hart, Lorenz
    Isotope, Henderson, Joe
    Israel, Carisi, John
    It Don't Mean A Thing, Ellington, Duke / Mills, Irving
    It's A Raggy Waltz, Brubeck, Dave
    Jamala, Holland, Dave
    Jelly Roll, Mingus, Charles
    Jinrikisha, Henderson, Joe
    Jordu, Jordan, Duke
    Journey To Recife, Evans, Bill
    Joy Spring, Brown, Clifford
    Ju-Ju, Shorter, Wayne
    Jump Monk, Mingus, Charles
    June 15th 1967, Gibbs, Michael
    Just Friends, Lewis, Sam M. / Klenner, John
    Kelo, Johnson, JJ
    La Fiesta, Corea, Chick
    Lady Bird, Dameron, Tadd
    Lament, Johnson, J.J.
    Las Vegas Tango, Evans, Gil
    Lazy Bird, Coltrane, John
    Leroy The Magician, Burton, Gary
    Lie Awake, Coodley, Mitch
    Like Someone In Love, Van Heusen, Jimmy / Burke, Johnny
    Limehouse Blues, Furber, / Braham,
    Litha, Corea, Chick
    Little B's Poem, Hutcherson, Bobby
    Little Niles, Weston, Randy
    Little Waltz, Carter, Ron
    Liturgy, Gibbs, Michael
    Long Ago And Far Away, Gershwin, Ira / Kern, Jerome
    Long As You Know You're Living Yours, Jarrett, Keith
    Long As You Know You'reLiving Yours, Jarrett, Keith
    Lonnie's Lament, Coltrane, John
    Look To The Sky, Jobim, Antonio Carlos
    Looking Back, Niles, Richard
    Lover Man, Davis, J. / Ramirez, R. / Sherman, S.
    Lucky Southern, Jarrett, Keith
    Lullaby Of Birdland, Shearing, George / Weiss, George David
    Lush Life, Strayhorn, Billy
    Magician In You The, Jarrett, Keith
    Mahjong, Shorter, Wayne
    Maiden Voyage, Hancock, Herbie
    Mallet Man, Beck, Gordon
    Man In The Green Shirt, Zawinul, Joe
    May Dance, Holland, Dave
    Meditation, Jobim, Antonio Carlos / Mendonça, Newton / Simmons,
    Memories Of Tomorrow, Jarrett, Keith
    Memphis Underground, Mann, Herbie
    Mevlevia, Goodrick, Mick
    Michelle, Lennon, John / McCartney, Paul
    Midnight Mood, Zawinul, Joe / Raleigh
    Midwestern Nights Dream, Metheny, Pat
    Milano, Lewis, John
    Minority, Gryce, Gigi
    Misty, Garner, Erroll / Burke, Johnny
    Miyako, Shorter, Wayne
    Molten Glass, Farrell, Joe
    Moment's Notice, Coltrane, John
    Montage, Balcomb, Stu
    Mood Indigo, Ellington, Duke
    Moon Germs, Farrell, Joe
    Moonchild, Jarrett, Keith
    More I See You, The, Warren / Gordon
    Mother Of The Dead Man, Bley, Carla
    Mr PC, Coltrane, John
    Mr. Jin, Shorter, Wayne
    My Favorite Things, Rodgers, Richard / Hammerstein, Oscar II
    My Foolish Heart, Washington, Ned / Young, Victor
    My Funny Valentine, Rodgers, Richard / Hart, Lorenz
    My Little Boat, Menescal, Roberto
    My Little Suede Shoes, Parker, Charlie
    My One And Only Love, Wood, Guy / Mellin, Robert
    My Romance, Rodgers, Richard / Hart, Lorenz
    My Ship, Gershwin, Ira / Weill, Kurt
    Mysterious Traveler, Shorter, Wayne
    Naima, Coltrane, John
    Nardis, Davis, Miles
    Nefertiti, Davis, Miles
    Never Will I Marry, Loesser, Frank
    Nica's Dream, Silver, Horace
    Night And Day, Porter, Cole
    Night Dreamer, Shorter, Wayne
    Night Has A Thousand Eyes, The, Weisman / Garrett / Wayne
    Night In Tunisia, A, Gillespie, Dizzy / Paparelli, Frank
    Night Of The Fox, The, Kirk, Roland
    Nimbus, McClure, Ron
    Nonsequence, Gibbs, Michael
    Nostalgia In Times Square, Mingus, Charles
    Now's The Time, Parker, Charlie
    Oleo, Rollins, Sonny
    Olhos De Gato, Bley, Carla
    Olinoqui Valley, Hancock, Herbie
    Once I Loved, Jobim, Antonio Carlos / Gilbert, Ray / DeMoraes, Vinicius
    One Finger Snap, Hancock, Herbie
    One Note Samba, Jobim, Antonio Carlos / Mendenço, Newton
    Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly, Corea, Chick
    Orbits, Shorter, Wayne
    Ornithology, Parker, Charlie / Harris, Benny
    Out Of Nowhere, Green, Johnny / Heyman, Edward
    Passion Dance, Tyner, McCoy
    Peace, Silver, Horace
    Peaches En Regalia, Zappa, Frank
    Pearlie's Swine, Kuhn, Steve
    Pee Wee, Williams, Tony
    Peggy's Blue Skylight, Mingus, Charles
    Pensativa, Fischer, Clare
    Pent-Up House, Rollins, Sonny
    Perfect Love, Berger, Karl
    Peri's Scope, Evans, Bill
    Pfrancing (No Blues), Davis, Miles
    Pinocchio, Shorter, Wayne
    Pithycanthropus Erectus, Mingus, Charles
    Plain Jane, Rollins, Sonny
    Played Twice, Monk, Thelonius
    Portsmouth Figurations, Swallow, Steve
    Preacher, The, Silver, Horace
    Prelude To A Kiss, Ellington, Duke / Mills, Irving / Gordon, Irving
    Prince Of Darkness, Shorter, Wayne
    Pussy Cat Dues, Mingus, Charles
    Quiet Now, Zeitlin, Denny
    Raven, The, Jarrett, Keith
    Real Guitarist, Kuhn, Steve
    Recordame, Henderson, Joe
    Red Clay, Hubbard, Freddie
    Reflections, Monk, Thelonius
    Reincarnation Of A Lovebird, Mingus, Charles
    Resolution, McLaughlin, John
    Road Song (O.G.D), Montgomery, Wes
    Round Midnight, Monk, Thelonius / Hanigen, Bernard D. / Williams, Charles “Cootie”
    Saga Of Harrison Crabfeathers, Kuhn, Steve
    Same Shame, Hutcherson, Bobby
    Satin Doll, Ellington, Duke / Strayhorn, Billy / Mercer, Johnny
    Scotch 'N' Soda, Guard
    Scrapple From The Apple, Parker, Charlie
    Sea Journey, Corea, Chick
    Self Portrait In 3 Colors, Mingus, Charles
    Semblence, Jarrett, Keith
    Senor Mouse, Corea, Chick
    Serenade To A Cuckoo, Kirk, Roland
    Seven Come Eleven, Goodman, Benny / Christian, Charlie
    Seven Steps To Heaven, Davis, Miles / Feldman, Victor
    Shades Of Light, Laws, Hubert
    Shadow Of Your Smile, The, Mandel, Johnny
    Sidewinder, Morgan, Lee
    Sing Me Softly Of The Blues, Bley, Carla
    Skating In Central Park, Lewis, John
    Skylark, Carmichael, Hoagy
    Slowly Gone Bygone, Samuels, Dave
    So What, Davis, Miles
    Solar, Davis, Miles
    Solitude, Ellington, Duke / Delange, Eddie / Mills, Irving
    Some Other Time, Bernstein, Leonard / Comden, Betty / Green, Adolph
    Some Skunk Funk, Brecker, Randy
    Someday My Prince Will Come, Morey, Larry / Churchill, Frank
    Sometime Ago, Mihanovich, Sergei
    Son Of Mr. Green Genes, Zappa, Frank
    Song For My Father, Silver, Horace
    Song Is You, The, Hammerstein, Oscar II / Kern, Jerome
    Song, Balcomb, Stu
    Sophisticated Lady, Ellington, Duke / Mills, Irving / Parish, Mitchell
    Sorcerer, Hancock, Herbie
    Space Circus Part 1, Corea, Chick
    Space Circus Part 2, Corea, Chick
    Spain, Corea, Chick
    Speak No Evil, Shorter, Wayne
    Sphinx, Coleman, Ornette
    Spiral Dance, Jarrett, Keith
    Spring Is Here, Rodgers, Richard / Hart, Lorenz
    St. Thomas, Rollins, Sonny
    Star Eyes, Raye, D. / DePaul, Gene
    Star-Crossed Lovers, Ellington, Duke
    Stella By Starlight, Washington, Ned / Young, Victor
    Steps, Corea, Chick
    Stolen Moments, Nelson, Oliver
    Stompin' At The Savoy, Sampson, Edgar / Webb, Chuck
    Straight No Chaser, Monk, Thelonius
    Stuff, Davis, Miles
    Sugar, Turrentine, Stanley
    Summer Samba, Valle, Marcus / Valle, Paul Sergio
    Swedish Pastry, Kessel, Barney
    Sweeping Up, Swallow, Steve
    Sweet Georgia Bright, Lloyd, Charles
    Sweet Georgia Brown, Pinkard, Bernie
    Sweet Henry, Swallow, Steve / Gregg, Jack
    Sweet Rain, Gibbs, Michael
    Take Five, Desmond, Paul
    Take The A Train, Ellington, Duke / Strayhorn, Biily
    Tame Thy Pen, Niles, Richard
    Tell Me A Bedtime Story, Hancock, Herbie
    Tenor Madness, Rollins, Sonny
    Theme, The, Davis, Miles
    There Is No Greater Love, Synes, Marty / Jones, Ishan
    There Will Never Be Another You, Warren, Harry / Gordon, Mack
    They Can't Take That Away From Me, Gershwin, George / Gershwin, Ira
    Think On Me, Cables, George
    Three Flowers, Tyner, McCoy
    Time Remembered, Evans, Bill
    Tones For Joan's Bones, Corea, Chick
    Train Samba, McFarland, Gary
    Trance, Kuhn, Steve
    Triste, Jobim, Antonio Carlos
    Tune-Up, Davis, Miles
    Turn Out The Stars, Evans, Bill
    Unquity Road, Metheny, Pat
    Untitled, Gibbs, Michael
    Up Jumped Spring, Hubbard, Freddie
    Upper Manhattan Medical Group, Strayhorn, Billy
    Valse Hot, Rollins, Sonny
    Vashkar, Bley, Carla
    Very Early, Evans, Bill
    Very Rubato, Metheny, Pat
    Virgo, Shorter, Wayne
    Wait Till You See Her, Rodgers, Richard / Hart, Lorenz
    Walkin', Carpenter, Richard
    Walter L., Burton, Gary
    Waltz (Sirabhorn), Metheny, Pat
    Waltz For A Lovely Wife, Woods, Phil
    Waltz For Debby, Evans, Bill
    Waltz, Metheny, Pat
    Waltzin', Brasil, Victor
    Watermelon Man, Hancock, Herbie
    Wave, Jobim, Antonio Carlos
    We'll Be Together Again, Laine, Frankie / Fisher, Carl
    Well You Needn't, Monk, Thelonius
    West Coast Blues, Montgomery, Wes
    What Am I Here For, Ellington, Duke / Laine, Frankie
    What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life, Legrand, Michel / Bergman, Marilyn / Bergman, Alan
    What Is This Thing Called Love, Porter, Cole
    What Is This Thing Love, Porter, Cole
    What Was, Corea, Chick
    When I Fall In Love, Young, Victor / Heyman, Edward
    When Sunny Gets Blue, Fischer, Marvin / Segal, Jack
    Where Are You, Adamson, Harold / McHugh, Jimmy
    Wild Flower, Shorter, Wayne
    Willow Weep For Me, Ronell, Ann
    Windows, Corea, Chick
    Wings Of Karma, McLaughlin, John
    Witch Hunt, Shorter, Wayne
    Woody'n You, Gillespie, Dizzy
    Yes Or No, Shorter, Wayne
    Yesterday, Lennon, John / McCartney, Paul
    Yesterdays, Kern, Jerome / Harbach, Otto
    You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, Wonder, Stevie
    You Are Too Beautiful, Rodgers, Richard / Hart, Lorenz
    You Don't Know What Love Is, Raye, Don / DePaul, Gene
    You Took Advantage Of Me, Rodgers, Richard / Hart, Lorenz



Real Book Volume 1 Fifth Edition

Jazz Charts, Sheet Music, and Chords for Jazz Piano, Jazz guitar, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet, Soprano Sax, Flute, Vibes, Clarinet, etc.

This is the original uncopyrighted Real Book Volume 1, 5th edition Bb Real Book , Eb Real Book , C Real Book , Real Book Bass Clef (not the Sher or Hal Leonard versions).



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Common search terms that you might consider using when researching the Real Book. Of course searching for the common jazz instruments of piano, guitar, upright bass, vibes, drums, brass instruments like trumpet, trombone and yes even tuba! Then there's the reeds alto and tenor sax, soprano sax, flute, clarinet bass clarinet and even weird instruments such as the manzello and stritch or odd transpoitions like the C Melody sax C Clarinet etc. Alto flutes, and I didn't even mention the Baritone Sax - Check out these and see which ones you used to help you to find this site! alto and tenor saxophone alto sax book alto saxophone book alto saxophone music alto saxophone notes alto saxophone sheet music alto saxophone solos alto tenor sax autumn leaves lead sheet autumn leaves real book b flat real book band in a box band in a box real book bass clef real book bass improvisation bass real book bb book bb real book bebop piano berklee real book biab real book biab realbook big band piano bill evans saxophone book of piano chords Buy Fake book Buy Jazz fake books Buy Jazz lead sheets Buy Jazz music book Buy Jazz music books Buy Jazz sheet music Buy The Real Book c real book charlie parker saxophone chart standards chord book 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Most jazz standards originate from tin pan alley show tunes, or the blues. The Real Book also incorporated many modern jazz composers and artists that were on the ECM jazz record label. The Real Book originally came out in Volume One 5th edition followed by volume 2 and volume three. Each one was released in each transposition. Concert C, Bb (B flat), Eb (E flat) and Bass Clef so that all instrumentalists could play through the charts without having to transpose on the spot. Wikipedia has a good article on the Real book. - There were other jazz fakebooks of that era also - Spaces Fakebooks had four volumes (many of the songs charts were just reproductions from the Real Book) But the Fourth Volume was all transcribed solos. Look for that one to be released as a future module for the Real Book Software. There was also the Monster Fakebook that didn't recycle the same Berklee charts like the Spaces fakebooks did. Anyway, look for all kinds of cool new content to be available for this amazing software! This will be a huge resource for jazz piano sheet music and charts as well as score for alto and tenor saxophone. If you want to improvise jazz guitar, piano, bass or horn, then this is a must have!