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My Wall (Ten Foot Pole)

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My Wall (Ten Foot Pole)

Lyrics for My Wall (Ten Foot Pole)

a middle class mom crouches on the hill eyes behind binoculars she sits so still spots a boy going under the freeway whispers in her radio going for the kill open your eyes! You're fighting kids who only want to make their mark everything else you took away you left them in the dark open your eyes! Your war is not about beauty it's about rights and choice speech isn't free it is only for those who can afford to raise their voice say it is pollution they say it is a sin mobilize their force to stop the demon within they say it is not a battle it is a full scale war recruiting volunteers like never before say it is so ugly they say it is an eyesore but remember they're the ones who build department stores put ads on the benches signs on the windows asphalt where the grass used to grow

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