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Listen (Collective Soul)

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Listen (Collective Soul)

Lyrics for Listen (Collective Soul)

Hey your thirsty Walking in the desert all alone Hey youre now searching Lost in isolation from your soul The bullets you bite From the pain you request Youre finding it harder to digest And the answers you seek Are the ones you destroy Your angers well deployed Hey why cant you listen Hey why cant you hear Hey why cant you listen As love screams everywhere Hey you now hunger Feeding your mind with selfishness Hey you now wander Aimlessly around your consciousness Your prophecies fail And your thoughts become weak Silence creates necessity Youre clothing yourself In the shields of despair Your courage now impaired Your crucify all honesty No signs you see do you believe And all you words just twist and turn Reviving just to crash and burn Youre fighting to the bitter end If only your heart could open up And listen

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