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In The Evening (Led Zeppelin)

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In The Evening (Led Zeppelin)

Lyrics for In The Evening (Led Zeppelin)

In the evening, when the day is done Im looking for a woman, but the girl dont come So dont let her, play you for a fool She dont show no pity baby, she dont make no rules *chorus: oh, oh, I need your love, I need your love Oh, I need your love, I just got to have So dont you let her, oh, get under your skin Its only bad luck and trouble, from the day that you begin I hear you crying in the darkness, dont ask nobodys help Aint no pockets full of mercy baby, cause you can only blame yourself Chorus Oh its simple, all the pain that you go through You can turn away from fortune, fortune, cause thats all thats left to you Its lonely at the bottom, man, its dizzy at the top But if youre standing in the middle, aint no way youre gonna stop Chorus Oh whatever that your days may bring No use hiding in a corner, cause that wont change a thing If youre dancing in the doldrums, one day soon, its got to stop, its got to stop When youre the master of the off-chance, when you dont expect a lot

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