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Heavy Metal (Hagar, Sammy)

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Heavy Metal (Hagar, Sammy)

Lyrics for Heavy Metal (Hagar, Sammy)

Head bangers in leather Sparks fly in the dead of the night It all comes together When they shoot out the lights 50,000 watts of power And it's pushin' overload The beast is ready to devour All the metal they can hold Reachin' overload Start to explode Chorus: It's your one way ticket to midnight Call it Heavy Metal Higher than high, feelin' just right Call it Heavy Metal Desperation on a red line Call it Heavy Metal noise Tight pants and lipstick She's riding on razor's edge She holds her own against the boys Yea, cuts through the crowd just like a wedge Ohh, can you feel the static So many contacts being made We've got up front fanatics Tearing down the barricade To reach the stage Can you feel the rage

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