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Heartspark Dollar Sign (bass) (Everclear)

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Heartspark Dollar Sign (bass) (Everclear)

Lyrics for Heartspark Dollar Sign (bass) (Everclear)

time stops when the whispers blare the voices drop hard but the eyes still stare the world resolves into a death's head grin because i walk with pride with a black girlfriend my mom said not to bring her around cause she's black my family would put her down i'll break the white-trash ties that bind trade a love so pure for a hate so blind she said -- she said forget the fact that i don't look like you she said -- she said you're possessed with a power bigger than the pain time stops when we lie so close in my room where we share what no one knows from the day that we start till the day that we end i know, i know, i know now we will never find a place where we could just fit in me and my black girlfriend she said -- she said fend for yourself -- your alone she said -- she said you are possessed with a power bigger than the pain a power bigger than the pain heartspark dollarsign heartspark dollarsign

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