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Girl Like You, A (Smithereens)

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Girl Like You, A (Smithereens)

Lyrics for Girl Like You, A (Smithereens)

I used to travel in the shadows And I never found the nerve to try and walk up to you But now I am a man and I know that there's no time to waste There's too much to lose Girl you say anything at all, and you know that you can call And I'll be right there for you First love, heartbreak, tough luck, big mistake What else can you do CHORUS I'll say anything you want to hear I'll see everything through I'll do anything I have to do Just to win the love of a girl like you, a girl like you People talk and people stare, tell them I don't really care This is the place I should be And if they think it's really straange for a girl like you To be in love with someone like me I wanna tell them all to go to hell That we're doing very well without them you see That's just the way it is and they will see I am yours and you are mine the way it should be CHORUS Now if I seem a little wild, there's no holding back I'm trying to get a message to you I won't take anything from anyone I won't walk and I won't run, I believe in you London, Washington, anywhere you are I'll run Together we'll be Inside, outside, got my pride I won't let him take you from me CHORUS

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