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Fucking Hostile (Pantera)

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Fucking Hostile (Pantera)

Lyrics for Fucking Hostile (Pantera)

Almost every day I see the same face On broken picture tube It fits the attitude If you could see yourself You put you on a shelf Your verbal masturbate Promise to nauseate Today Ill play the part of non-parent Not make a hundred rules For you to know about yourself Not lie and make you believe Whats evil is making love And making friends And meeting God youre own way The right way (chorus) to see To bleed Cannot be taught In turn Youre making us Fucking hostile We stand alone The truth in right and wrong The boundaries of the law You seem to miss the point Arresting for a joint? You seem to wonder why Hundreds of people die Youre writing tickets man My mom got jumped -- they ran! Now Ill play a public servant To serve and protect By the law and the state Id bust the punks That rape steal and murder And leave you be If you crossed me Id shake your hand like a man Not a god (chorus) Come meet your maker, boy Some things you cant enjoy Because of heaven/hell A fucking wives tale They put it in your head Then put you in your bed Hes watching say your prayers Cause God is everywhere Now Ill play a man learning priesthood Whos about to take the ultimate test in life Id question things because I am human And call no one my father whos no closer that a stranger I wont listen (chorus)

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