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Fuck You (Overkill)

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Fuck You (Overkill)

Lyrics for Fuck You (Overkill)

Call us fearless, call us crazy. Say what you want, say we're lazy! Say we're just, the violent type. Time has come y'know we're not too bright... We don't care what you say. Fuck you! Tell your friends we're really sick, Lie on yer backs an' comin' in trick This you should know cause you're so cool, Yer number one, yer nobody's fool. Fuck you!!! Step on over baby jump right in. This is one game that everybody's in. Don't care where you been, I don't care how you look, It's all fire now, we're gonna cook. We don't care what you say. Fuck You! We don't care what you say, Fuck you! 2. Unleash The Beast (Within) Prepare for battle, wait for the time to arrive. Unleashing the fury, a gift to me and my kind. Suffer little damage, only the strong will survive!!! The gift we are given will carry us through the fight. These are the days of thunder and rage, We cry our battle hail... The time has come! We take the stage! Unleash! the beast within...

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