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Freedom (1st 3 Solos) (Hendrix, Jimi)

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Freedom (1st 3 Solos) (Hendrix, Jimi)

Lyrics for Freedom (1st 3 Solos) (Hendrix, Jimi)

You got my pride hanging out of my bed You're messin' around with my life So I bought my lead You even mess with my children And you're screamin' at my wife, baby Get off my back, if you wanna get outta here alive Freedom, give it to me That's what I want now Freedom, that's what I need now Freedom to live Freedom, so I can give You got my heart speak electric water You got my soul screamin' and howlin' You know you hook my girlfriend You know the drugstore man But I don't need it now I was trying to slap it out of her head Freedom, so I can give Freedom, yeah Freedom, that's what I need You don't have to say that you love if you don't mean it You'd better believe If you need me or you just wanna bleed me you'd better stickin' your dagger in someone else So I can leave Set me free (Yeah) Right on, straight ahead Stay up and straight ahead Freedom

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