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Freddy Krueger (S.O.D.)

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Freddy Krueger (S.O.D.)

Lyrics for Freddy Krueger (S.O.D.)

His hand spells death He breathes his vile breath No way you can stop him once his out He haunt your sleep In the tub he hides down deep He rips your face and no one hears you shout CHORUS: He's come for you, what wile you do He'll slash you and rip you and cut you in two His teeth are black Flex metal kmickles with a crack Masgots crawling all throughout his skin He'll get thear his call When the razors grip beneath their chin CHORUS - MOSH PART As the blood beging to splat In his sweater and his hat His rotted shouth smiles as you die His color's red and green His skin's not what it seams He rips at it and tears off his own flesh CHORUS

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