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Feed My Frankenstein (Cooper, Alice)

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Feed My Frankenstein (Cooper, Alice)

Lyrics for Feed My Frankenstein (Cooper, Alice)

Well, I aint evil, Im just good lookin Start a little fire, and baby start cookin Im a hungry man But I dont want pizza Ill blow down your house And then Im gonna eat ya Bring you to a simmer Right on time Run my greasy fingers Up your greasy spine Chorus Feed my frankenstein Meet my libido He's a psycho Feed my frankenstein Hungry for love And its feeding time You udont want to talk So baby shut up And let me drink the wine from your fur tea cup Velcro candy, sticky sweet Make my tattoos melt in the heat Well, I aint no veggie Like my flesh on the bone Alive and lickin on your ice cream cone Chorus

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Here are some other details for Feed My Frankenstein - Hard Rock Adapted From 7 String Drop D

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