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Face the Day (Great White)

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Face the Day (Great White)

Lyrics for Face the Day (Great White)

I don't want to face the day the day, today Long nights leave me stranded Black visions, danger signs No love- I need protection Feels like I'm on a production line Daggers of dawn, cold hearted day Why does if have to be morning? Cover my head, stayin' in bed Too late the luckless warning Outside the screaming city Red lights, hungry eyes Sucks like a space invader The vacuum of its lies Stealin' my strength, stealin' my time It's raining in a world of traders Let me keep on sleeping Forget that I'm alone One day of faceless living- is twenty-four hours too long I don't want to face the day Give me the night, it's more forgiving Hold back the light from my eyes Please stay invisible darkness can't see the tears that I cry I know it's comin', loaded with nothing Trapped in a tunnel of time I don't want to face the day The day, today

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