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Dusty Trail (Keen, Robert Earl)

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Dusty Trail (Keen, Robert Earl)

Lyrics for Dusty Trail (Keen, Robert Earl)

When I was a young boy The only things that really mattered were Making friends and having fun Walkin' down the railroad track 'Til you reached the river Turn around and head on back When the day is done Chorus Ain't it like they always say Everybody goes their own way Nobody knows no one can tell It's always been the same for me Guess it's just the way it must be Headin' down that dusty trail When I was a young man The only things that got me goin' were Gettin' high and chasm' love Lyin' down beside my girl On the banks of the river With nothin' but some mustang wine And all the stars above It's a twistin' turnin' windin' road I get lost and broken down I'm a stumbler and it won't be long 'Till stumble back around Since I became my own man Everything that matters to me is Making sure I'm staying true To my friends and the ones I love 'Till cross that river All alone I'm movin' on Until my time is through

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