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Dude (bass) (Circle Jerks)

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Dude (bass) (Circle Jerks)

Lyrics for Dude (bass) (Circle Jerks)

Dudes, where's my point? Down the drain?, sinus pain Big boy burger man I'm the one who can Pizza on the house, Europe's in the can Jap's are all tied up, Aussie's on the run You don't even know, dude's I am the one [Chorus:] Forehead throbbing, stomach's bobbing It's my job and not a hobby Call me gumby, you don't want me Burgers coming, now I'm bumming I can get some time, studio is prime Budget for the food, sushi's really smooth Release our demo tapes, the money that it makes Will never be enough, to reconstruct your legs On your visions we could choke Dude, you're a joke Sound is burning, it's really happening Deals are churning the weels are turning around You're breaking, because I'm making you I'm not faking, I won't take you for a ride I'm saying, you guys will get what you want I'm praying, I'm gonna get a big point Baby it's in your mind, 'cause you never had it!

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Here are some other details for Dude (bass) - Hardcore/Punk 4 String Bass Down 1/2

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