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Digee Dime (Burlap To Cashmere)

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Digee Dime (Burlap To Cashmere)

Lyrics for Digee Dime (Burlap To Cashmere)

There's a place where I come from It's the place where I belong Where you will never die Wipe the tears off from your eyes Sun and moon and stars above Never match this perfect love Just look to the painter's hands Like an ocean meets its sand. Digigee Digigee Dime Dime Digigee Digigee Dime (x2) Twisted castles in her hair Building mountains in the air Making profits, lending loans, Ancient TV's, golden telephones But within this misty cave, Lies a painter, blind but brave Paints the story of where we've been Where we are, where we could be. Digigee Digigee Dime Dime Digigee Digigee Dime (x4) So Kiss the light, seize the day Shine your shoes, come to play Sun is shining, sky is clear Leave your worries with your fears Light eternal, sleep inside To my heart and through my eyes Bringing in sweetness to my soul Close your eyes, be made whole

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