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Devil's Stomp (Badlands)

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Devil's Stomp (Badlands)

Lyrics for Devil's Stomp (Badlands)

I needed time to think things over To heal my soul and ease the pain And through a glass a revelation I could swear I heard the darkness Call my name Imagination's runnin' For too long, yeah The mind we lost Can read the senses wrong I need a shot of realization I can't believe the things I've seen 'Cause down the bar set the devil man As he turned around and smiled He said to me, he said *Hey boy, I know What you're lookin' for It feels so good to be so well Just take a chance Step through my open Door Lord! *Now boy, I know you're oh so young And the whole world shines In front of you But I can give you anything you want And I'll make it so easy for you' All I know is what my mama told me I know is what she said "When Beelzebub is sneakin' up on, you Best be dancin' on his head" Yeah, Lord, do the devil's stomp Oh he made it sound so good Stealin' my soul every way The devil's price hangs on my soul Throw a pocket full of gold his way (* Repeat) Oh yeah, yeah, yeah Oh glide to the shimmer Of the moonlight house I feel so good, you know to be so bad You've been holdin' back, baby For much too long And I feel it creepin' right in my bones Yeah, yeah, yeah Oh Lord, Lord Do the devil's stomp, do it

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