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Cry Baby (bass) (Cheap Trick)

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Cry Baby (bass) (Cheap Trick)

Lyrics for Cry Baby (bass) (Cheap Trick)

Cry! Cry baby Ooooh ooooh Cry baby Put yourself around me babe Never let me go Wrap yourself around me Take it easy, make it slow Come a little closer. Is there something I should know? What goes on inside your head Ill never, never know But now if good is good And bad is bad If bad is good and good is bad Then youre the best Ive ever had Baby, maybe you just never tried To be in love so... Takin and fakin and breakin And makin me cry baby Cry baby! Oooooh Put your hands around me babe Never, never let me go What goes on inside my head Youll never, never know Where does all the precious time go? Maybe if you didnt mind so baby Baby you just never tried Im in Takin it - just cant believe Youre makin me cry Baby Cry baby Cry...cry baby Ooooh Cry....cry baby Ooooh baby (repeat) You make me so lonely Im feelin so lonely Oooooh

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