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Corduroy (Pearl Jam)

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Corduroy (Pearl Jam)

Lyrics for Corduroy (Pearl Jam)

The waiting drove me mad...youre finally here and Im a mess I take your entrance back...cant let you roam inside my head I dont want to take what you can give... I would rather starve than eat your bread... I would rather run but I cant walk... Guess Ill lie alone just like before... Ill take the firmest path...oh, and I must refuse your test A-push me and I will resist...this behaviors not unique I dont want to hear from those who know... They can buy, but cant put on my clothes... I dont want to limp for them to walk... Never would have known of me before... I dont want to be held in your debt... And Ill pay it off in blood, let I be wed... And Im already cut up and half dead... Ill end up alone like I began... Everything has changed, absolutely nothings changed Take my hand, not my picture, spilled my tincture I dont want to take what you can give... I would rather starve than eat your breast... All the things that others want for me... Cant buy what I want because its free... (2x) Cant be what you want because im... I aint sposed to be just fun Oh, to live and die, let it be done I figure Ill be damned, all alone like I began... Its your move now... I thought you were a friend, but I guess i, I guess I hate you...

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