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Copenhagen (Keen, Robert Earl)

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Copenhagen (Keen, Robert Earl)

Lyrics for Copenhagen (Keen, Robert Earl)

Now, I went out last Sunday with my little Mary-Ann She said please stay still Monday, and grabbed me by my can She laid a big one on me, suprised me with her tongue, But her surprise was waitin' there, between my cheek and gum. Chorus: Copenhagen, what a wad of flavor. Copenhagen, you can see it in my smile. Copenhagen, do yourself a favor. Chew Copenhagen, drive them pretty girls wild. So I went to the movies with my little Peggy-Sue, I had my dip there in my lip just like I always do. She didn't know that I was spittin' in my Coca-Cola cup, She took a great big swoller' and threw her popcorn up! Oh! Chorus: The moral of this story is so very sad but true. If you stay 'till breakfast friend, they'll want to marry you. So try my little method and I promise you no doubt Dip some Copenhagen if you want to snuff 'em out.

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