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Complicated (Lavigne, Avril)

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Complicated (Lavigne, Avril)

Lyrics for Complicated (Lavigne, Avril)'s like this uuh..uuh...that's the way it is life's like this.. uuh..uuh..that's the way it is Chill out what cha yellin for Lay back its all been done before And if you could only let it be you will see I like you the way you are When we're drivin' in your car And you're talkin to me one on one but you become Somebody else round everyone else You're watchin' your back like you can't relax you're tryin to be cool you look like a fool to me. tell me CHORUS: why'd you have to go and make things so complicated see the way your actin' like you're somebody else gets me frustrated lifes like this you fall, and you crawl, and you break, and you take, what you get and turn it into , honesty promise me I'm never gonna find ya fake it no no no... - you come over unannouced dressed up like you're something else where you are and where it's at you see you're making me, laugh out when you strike your pose take off all your preppy clothes you know your not fooling anyone when you become somebody else round everyone else you're watchin your back like you can't relax, your trying to be cool, you look like a fool to me, tell me (repeat CHORUS) chill out what you yellin for lay back it's all been done before and if you could only let it be you will see somebody else round everyone else, you're watchin your back, like you can't relax, you're tryin to be cool, you look like a fool to me tell me (repeat CHORUS 2x)

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