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Cold Sweat (bass) (Brown, James)

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Cold Sweat (bass) (Brown, James)

Lyrics for Cold Sweat (bass) (Brown, James)

Ha! I don't care ha about your past I just want ho our love to last dee I don't care darlin' about your faults huh I just want to satisfy your pulse Oh When you kiss me When you mess me Hold my hand Make me understand I break out - in a cold sweat Ho! Uh! Ho! I don't care about your wants I just wanna ha! tell ya about the does and don'ts I don't care about the way you treat me darlin' ha! I just want huh! to understand me honey Oh When you kiss me And ya miss me You hold me tight Make everything all right I break out - in a cold sweat heh! Mercy on me C'mon now Brother put it, put it where it's at now Aww Let him have it uh! Awww!

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