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Cheerio Toodlepip (Toy Dolls)

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Cheerio Toodlepip (Toy Dolls)

Lyrics for Cheerio Toodlepip (Toy Dolls)

Who's a pretty boy then? Your girlfriend says when she's got you wearing a tie You're looking like a puff and you think I've had enough Stop and take a look at yourself for a while And you'll know it's time to say [Chorus:] Cheerio, cheerio Toodle pip, toodle pip This is our last goodbye Don't cry Cheerio, cheerio Toodle pip, toodle pip Our last farewell, goodbye. Sitting watching Coronation street You decide to put your feet up, just about comfy in your seat And she says, I'm feeling hungry If she sends you out for a bag of fish'n'chips You'll know it is time to say... [Chorus] Need a bit of shut eye so you lie on the couch She is yapping in the background Baby's things wedding rings It's not for you, she will never keep her mouth shut You have to tell her now, once and for all Coz now it's time to say... [Chorus]

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