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Carpenter, The (Conlee, John)

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Carpenter, The (Conlee, John)

Lyrics for Carpenter, The (Conlee, John)

Let us now praise a carpenter & the things that he made And the way that he lived by the tools of his trade I can still hear his hammer singin' ten penny time Workin' by the hour till the day he died He was tough as a crowbar, he was quick as a chisel Fair as a plane and true as a level He was straight as a chalkline and right as a rule He was square with the world he took good care of his tools He worked his hands in wood from the crib to the coffin With a care and a love you don't see too often He built boats out of wood, big boats workin' in a shipyard Mansions on the hill and a birdhouse in the backyard Chorus He said anything that's worth cuttin' down a tree for Is worth doin' right, don't the Lord love a two by four If you ask him how to do somethin', he'll say just like Noah built the ark. You got to hold your mouth right son and never miss your mark. Chorus

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