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Cadillac Ranch (LeDoux, Chris)

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Cadillac Ranch (LeDoux, Chris)

Lyrics for Cadillac Ranch (LeDoux, Chris)

Well the well went dry and the cow did too Daddy didn't know what to do The banker came by the house one day Said he's gonna take the farm away Then momma came up with a plan Brother and me started up a band Sister put a sign on the roof And daddy bought a case of ninety-proof CHORUS Now we call it the cadillac ranch They're parking cars in the old feed patch There's a bar in the barn and the place stays packed 'Til the cows come home at cadillac ranch Now the only thing that we raise is cane You don't need the sun or rain Just neon lights and some ice cold beer Keeps everything real around here Momma takes the cash at the door Brother and me keep 'em out on the floor Sister sets them up at the bar And daddy kicks back with a big cigar CHORUS Well we gave all the cows away Now the only horns around here today Are the ones up on the grill Of a genuine fifty-nine coupe DeVille CHORUS 2x

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