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Cadillac Cowboy (LeDoux, Chris)

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Cadillac Cowboy (LeDoux, Chris)

Lyrics for Cadillac Cowboy (LeDoux, Chris)

Hold tight with a leather fist Watch out when he starts to twist That's what their daddies' used to tell them boys How to ride them bulls I got a jingle in my jeans Sore places in between And I'm leavin' old Salt Lake With a push and a pull CHORUS 10-4 Buddy, come on back A horse trailer on a Cadillac Yeah, we're talkin' to the cowboy In the Coupe de Ville Chug-a-luggin' up one side Slidin' down the other I'm a lover of the other side of the hill Turn up that radio Don't wanna think about a rodeo Don't wanna think about a round-up Up in old Cheyenne It's a crazy circuit But still you work it Turn down that sound, boys Let's get up and check the scan CHORUS Bandana hangin' mirror Still wet from ear to ear We'll, I guess it's true then What the wise men say When you ride your last one Make sure he's the best one Jump while he's movin' Tip your hat boys and walk away CHORUS (Repeat 2 times) I'm a lover of the other Side of the hill

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