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By Heart By Soul (Avalon)

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By Heart By Soul (Avalon)

Lyrics for By Heart By Soul (Avalon)

Verse 1 If You were a road I'd learn every turn til I Could find my way with my eyes closed If You were a songI'd sing along til IKnew every word and every note But you were everything to meA mysteryYour the Love I live to see Chorus:By heart, by soul Thats how I want to know YouKeep you as close as Breath is to life Wanna watch Your Love unfold By heart, by soul Verse 2 :If You were a placeI'd stay my whole life til IHad every corner memorized And if You were a starI'f follow You home, You would beThe Light that is my only guide You were everything to me My A to Z Your the Love thats lives in me Bridge: I wanna know You inside and out Better than I even know myself If You were a starI'd follow You home by heart By soul

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