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Break The Glass (Bass) (Suicide Machines)

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Break The Glass (Bass) (Suicide Machines)

Lyrics for Break The Glass (Bass) (Suicide Machines)

There's somethings about myself I can't control yet It happens time and time again when I'm trying 2 be Well I smash it down I break it down when I'm trying 2 be Well it's a shame its sad to say there's nothing to see there I don't wanna talk about it. You know I can't live without it.... It's a stupid fucking shame..... and everytime I think about it I think I'm so lame I break the glass I break it down What's your story What's your sign. No I can't agree Well you know you'll never get it in this life for free You can blow it down and break the glass break my heart in two But you better be prepared It's such a shock there's nothing in there fill me up because I'm empty. Why couldn't I just have kept me...You know it really fuckin sucks... and when I try to talk about it the word seem to get stuck

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