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Blue Sky Mining (Midnight Oil)

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Blue Sky Mining (Midnight Oil)

Lyrics for Blue Sky Mining (Midnight Oil)

Hey, hey-hey hey Therell be food on the table tonight Hey, hey, hey hey Therell be pay in your pocket tonight My gut is wrenched out it is crunched up and broken A life that is led is no more than a token Wholl strike the flint upon the stone and tell me why If I yell out at night theres a reply of bruised silence The screen is no comfort I cant speak my sentence They blew the lights at heavens gate and I dont know why But if I work all day at the blue sky mine (therell be food on the table tonight) Still I walk up and down on the blue sky mine (therell be pay in your pocket tonight) The candy store paupers lie to the share holders Theyre crossing their fingers they pay the truth makers The balance sheet is breaking up the sky So Im caught at the junction still waiting for medicine The sweat of my brow keeps on feeding the engine Hope the crumbs in my pocket can keep me for another night And if the blue sky mining company wont come to my rescue If the sugar refining company wont save me Whos gonna save me? But if I work all day... And some have sailed from a distant shore And the company takes what the company wants And nothings as precious, as a hole in the ground Whos gonna save me? I pray that sense and reason brings us in Whos gonna save me? Weve got nothing to fear In the end the rain comes down Washes clean, the streets of a blue sky town (midnight oil)

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