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Blue Roses (Tillis,Pam)

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Blue Roses (Tillis,Pam)

Lyrics for Blue Roses (Tillis,Pam)

Her lips and her dress, they're both ruby red She tinks that's how you hide the pain you feel inside And she comes out every night to soak up the neon light Her perfume fill the air, people stop and stare, but... Blue Rose is looking for the moon in someone's eyes Blue Rose is willing to believe someone's lies Now Blue Rose's petals have been crushed along the way Oh, Blue Rose is just growing bluer everyday One more drink, one more dance, you might be her only chance She needs someone to hold when the night is growing old And if you don't mind the thorns, she'll take you in and keep you warm, Lying in the dark in a bed of broken hearts, 'cause... CHORUS

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