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Bema Seat (Petra)

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Bema Seat (Petra)

Lyrics for Bema Seat (Petra)

When our labor all retire There will be a trial by fire Will your treasure pass the test Or will it burn up with the rest You may build upon a sure foundation With your building in dilapidation When it all comes down to rubble Will it be wood, hay, or stubble Or precious stones, gold and silver- Are you really sure? (Chorus) And we all will stand at the Bema Seat All will be revealed - it will be complete Will there be reward in the fiery heat When we see our lives at the Bema Seat Every talent will be sure counted Every word will have to be accounted Not a story will be left untold We will stand watch the truth unfold Every score - will be evened - nothing to defend Every building will be shaken Every motive will be tried He'll give reward to the faithful Will you receive or be denied?

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