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Believer (solo) (Osbourne, Ozzy)

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Believer (solo) (Osbourne, Ozzy)

Lyrics for Believer (solo) (Osbourne, Ozzy)

Watching the time go and feeling belief grow Rise above the obstacles People beseech me but theyll never teach me Things that I already know (I know) Dreams that have shattered may not have mattered Take another point of view Doubts will arise though like chasing a rainbow I can tell a thing or two (thats true) Youve got to believe in yourself or no one Will believe in you Imagination like a bird on the wing Flying, free for you to use (o.k. baby) I cant believe they stop and stare And point their fingers doubting me Their disbelief suppresses them But theyre not blind its just that they wont see Im a believer, I aint no deceiver Mountains move before my eyes Destiny planned out I dont need no handout Speculation of the wise

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