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Backstreet Girl (Social Distortion)

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Backstreet Girl (Social Distortion)

Lyrics for Backstreet Girl (Social Distortion)

I don't want you to be high I don't want you to be down Don't want to tell you no lies Just want to do me a round Please come right up to my yacht You will be able to hear what I say [Chorus] Don't want you out in my world Just you be my backstreet girl Hey! Please don't be part of my life Please keep yourself to yourself Please don't you bother my wife That way you won't catch no hell Don't try to ride on my horse You're not the kind to ride a horse anyway [Chorus] Please don't you call me at home Please don't come knockin' at night Please never ring on the phone Your manners are never quite right Please take these favors I grant Courtesy and luck and nochalant just ain't your way [Chorus]

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