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Again (Alice In Chains)

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Again (Alice In Chains)

Lyrics for Again (Alice In Chains)

Hey, let them do it again, yeah Hey, you said you were my friend Hey, turn me upside down, oh Hey, feelin so down Hey, hey...hey...hey... You made a fool of me again Again (8x) Hey, I know I made the same mistake, yeah I, I wont do it again, no Why, why you slap me in the face, oww I, I didnt say it was ok, no No, no... You violate a part of me again Again (8x) Ah, ooo Doot doot, yeah (8x) Hey, you had time to think it out, yeah Hey, your weak will wont help her heal her heart Hey, Ill bet it really eats you up Extending part of me again Again (8x) Ooo Doot doot, yeah (16x)

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