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18 Yellow Roses (Robbins, Marty)

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18 Yellow Roses (Robbins, Marty)

Lyrics for 18 Yellow Roses (Robbins, Marty)

Eighteen yellow roses came today Eighteen yellow roses in a pretty bouquet When the boy came to the door I didn't know what to say But eighteen yellow roses came today I opened up the box to see what it said I couldn't believe my eyes When I had read Though you belong to another I love you anyway Yes eighteen yellow roses came today I never doubted your love for a minute I always thought that you would be true But now this box and the flowers in it I guess there's nothing left for me to do But ask to meet the boy that's done this thing to see if he's made plans to buy you a ring 'Cause eighteen yellow roses will wilt and die someday But a father's love will never fade away

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